Homemade Hot Chocolate

Instead of buying hot chocolate from market, you can easily prepare homemade hot chocolate with easy-to-make recipes, and this does not take much time as well. Whether it is kids or adults, everyone enjoys sipping on this drink, and if you know the secret of making this drink at home, then you will not have to go to the café every time you wish to enjoy this chocolaty drink. You can start with gathering the ingredients for making hot chocolate at home, and for this, you will need a tablespoon of vanilla, half-cup cocoa, milk, sugar, and water, and finally you can pick either marshmallows or whipping cream.

Homemade Hot Chocolate

Quick recipe

If you make homemade hot chocolate with cocoa instead of melting chocolate bars, then this will healthier, as this helps in cutting down the sugar content from the drink. You just need to blend sugar, cocoa, and water and then put it on medium heat and keep stirring it and after a while mix milk into it. Keep this mixture on the heat until it start to steam, and then the hot chocolate is almost prepared. Prior to serving this delicious drink, add a little vanilla extract, stir the mixture a bit, and then top your drink with marshmallows and whipping cream.

Make a powder mix for instant homemade hot chocolate

You can also make homemade hot chocolate with coffee and canned chocolate and can use powered milk and sugar as well. The process of making this recipe is similar to the one mentioned above and it can be prepared very quickly as well. If you want to ready with hot chocolate whenever your kids demand for it, then a trick that you can is that, you can sift together cocoa, sugar and powdered milk and keep it in a dry and cool place. When your kids ask you for a cup of hot chocolate just add two tablespoon of the powder mix to boiling water and serve with whipped cream.

Makes a great gift

You can also make such kind of homemade hot chocolate mix and then put in beautiful decorative tins or bags, and put them in gift baskets to present it to somebody. You can also add a little creativity and add chocolate chips to the mix, as these chips taste marvelous when they melt in while drinking. You can use semi-sweet chocolate chips for making the hot chocolate mix and can store it for yourself as well.

Healthier recipe

For a healthier homemade hot chocolate mix, you can use nonfat milk powder and 3/4 cup sugar, together with unsweetened cocoa. You can use the mini chocolate chips for making this powder mix, and instead of cream that consist of loads of calories, you can opt for nondairy powdered creamer and to enhance the flavor you can add a pinch of salt to this mix. The salt is not necessary, but many people prefer to add it to balance the flavors. Make sure that you whisk together measured ingredients and store the dry mix in a container that is tightly covered to make the best possible homemade hot chocolate.

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