Chocolate Against Osteopenia

Help Overcome Osteopenia Naturally Using My Healthy, Delicious Chocolate

As part of my raw diet I eat the most amazingly delicious, healthy chocolate. This is not the store-bought variety we are all used to but a simple and easy to make chocolate using all natural ingredients.

I’ve made a research. I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised with what I discovered. After all, many times over I have previously discovered that we have been mislead in our food choices and Gaye’s story proved to be no exception.

This is what my research revealed and we are all pretty much aware of……

  • To build strong bones we need calcium
  • We need magnesium and many other vitamins and minerals
  • We need vitamin D from the sun.
  • We also need to do weight bearing exercise to strengthen our bones.

What You May Not Be Aware Of With Calcium…..

  • Taking large doses of calcium could have the opposite effect – loss of bone density.
  • Calcium from dairy is not the answer despite what we are continually told on TV. There are other more beneficial sources of calcium.


It has to do with milk digestion and the acid reaction on the body.
Our standard processed diet is the biggest culprit in creating an acidic body
This actually leaches calcium from the bones!

The Solution!

Eat an alkalizing diet by increasing fresh fruit and vegetables
so the calcium stays in our bones.

It has to do with the acidic reaction on your body by the standard processed and high animal protein diet and the body’s natural defense mechanism.

Our vital organs need an alkaline environment to function.

If they become acid you die! The body is very clever and has a few defense mechanisms to keep you alive. One involves combining this dietary acid with calcium and excreting both in the urine. This calcium has to come from somewhere and you guessed it – it can come from your bones!

But, I can hear you say – I drink plenty of milk to supply this calcium. That’s true, however as milk is the greatest acidifying food you can consume the net worth is calcium loss.

From My Research I Found That We Needed…

Balanced Nutrients

It is not enough that we get enough calcium, magnesium and other nutrients for strong bones but we need to get them in the right balance. Too much calcium may be as bad as too little.

When our diet was less processed and we ate more fresh produce it was easy for the body to get all the magnesium it required for strong bones. Sadly this is not so today and magnesium is one of the main mineral deficiencies in the modern world.

Vitamin D

To get Vitamin D from the sun we actually have to expose our body to sunlight. We are all so conscious of sun damage and skin cancer that when we go out in the sun we either cover up or slather sunscreen on. The poor sun doesn’t get a look in! Even in Queensland with our beautiful sub-tropical climate and sunny days (even in winter!) people are being diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency!

The answer is to have a balance between sun exposure and sun damage.

Healthy Fats

To metabolize bone building vitamins and minerals (especially calcium) we actually need saturated fat in our diet. What, you say – gasp – not saturated fat that we have all been led to believe was bad for our heart. Now it seems we have got it all wrong. It is possible that healthy saturated fats are good for us and the unsaturated vegetable oils may be doing us harm.

Cacao Butter and Coconut Oil

Fats and oils are largely misunderstood in the dieting world. Not all fats are bad. In fact coconut oil, used in many of my recipes is referred to as “the healthiest oil on the planet” Our body needs good oils to function properly so we can be healthy and build strong bones. Coconut oil and cacao butter not only increase your metabolism but actually burn up more calories during digestion than they give the body.

Chocolate Against OsteopeniaEating my chocolate may not only build strong bones but may actually help you to lose weight! With a leaner you, you will feel more inclined to exercise and your bones will be doubly rewarded!

The eBook “Chocolate Against Osteopenia”

  • Is jam packed with useful information on osteopenia to help you understand and manage this condition.
  • Explains why just taking calcium supplements is not the answer
  • I explain in depth the lifestyle changes to help bone growth just as I did with Gaye
  • I take a look at the many myths around what foods are good for bone density and ask you to make up your own mind. This is easier than you think given the facts I will reveal.
  • Bone building is a balancing act in the body – get out of balance and you may suffer. I explain this in terms that are easily understood
  • To prevent calcium leaching from the bones (causing weak bones) we need the body to be in an alkaline state. I explain what this is, why it is so important and how you can achieve it.
  • Learn why we went away from saturated fats and why they are so important for strong bones
  • Learn why good nutrition is not rocket science
  • Find out the scary information that the large processed chocolate manufactures don’t want you to know
  • Discover just how healthy natural chocolate is which has led it to be referred to as “Food of the Gods”
  • Why it is important to include natural, unprocessed foods in our diet
  • Find out many of my helpful hints for making chocolate
  • The benefits of all the ingredients used in my recipes

Get The Ebook “Chocolate Against Osteopenia”

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