Do you wish to taste the delicious hot chocolate that you sipped at a restaurant last weekend? If yes, then there is no need to spend money on a hot chocolate in a restaurant, as you can easily make homemade hot chocolate even with your microwave. If you have kids at home, then a quick recipe of making hot chocolate at home will keep your kids happy. Just check the number of people for whom you want to make hot chocolate and then prepare the ingredients accordingly. For serving three people, you will need three cups milk, one-third grated semi-sweet chocolate, an egg, and ground cinnamon. Then start making the drink by putting milk in a container that is microwave-safe container and then cook it on a high temperature in the microwave for two minutes.

Keep the mixture foamy

You can also add whisked egg into the mixture of chocolate while making homemade hot chocolate and then put back the mixture into the microwave and cook it on a high temperature again for three to four minutes, or you can stop when you see the mixture to be foamy. You should keep in mind that the mixture does not boil and take it out before it start to boil. Then whisk the mixture again for about three to four minutes, so that it becomes smooth and then just pour it in three mugs and sprinkle cinnamon for garnishing the drink.

Use the dry mix

Homemade Hot ChocolateYou can even find quick mix in the market, which you can use to make homemade hot chocolate and it is easily available in the market as well. You can also make hot chocolate quickly by mixing powdered sugar, milk, and coffee with chocolate mix. With such a dry mix, you can make the drink within ten to fifteen minutes, so your kinds will not have to wait for long to get their hands on this mouth-watering drink. If you want to present the hot chocolate mix to someone, then you can pack the powder mix in small plastic bag, and can tuck in a mug filled with candy sticks stirrer, mini marshmallows and a spoon as well.

Make your drink creamier

You can also use white chocolate chips for making homemade hot chocolate and can use candy canes for garnishing your drink instead of marshmallows. Adding a little vanilla will also add a nice flavor to the hot chocolate, and if you love your drink to be creamier, then you can add two cups of whipping cream to this drink. You can also prepare South American style hot chocolate at home.

Homemade Hot chocolate in the South American style

For making this kind of homemade hot chocolate, you will need white sugar, Dutch process cocoa, chili powder, red bell pepper, milk, and cherry brandy. Well, cherry brandy is option for making this recipe of hot chocolate. To make this drink, you can stir sugar, chili powder and cocoa powder together in a saucepan on low heat, and stir the ingredients for about five minutes. After this, you should add water and the strips of bell pepper and the mix well and keep stirring the mixture on a low heat. When the mix start to heat up, then take away the strips of bell pepper and add the cherry brandy if you want to, and then just serve the homemade hot chocolate drink.