Why i decided to give you a guide on how to make homemade hot chocolate

The cold seasons especially during the winter are very challenging and will require all sort of effort to be made in order to keep us warm. Although investing in warm clothes helps to some extent we still require to take something hot to raise the body temperatures. There are some who opt for alcoholic drinks but this is a limited option as not all members of the family can enjoy it. Knowledge on how to make homemade hot chocolate comes in handy during such occasions.

This can be prepared according to the preference of those who will be consuming it. There are those who it thick and creamy while others will enjoy it thin. There are also many additives that can be used to enrich the flavor. The choice will depend on the taste inclination of the consumer.

A guide on how to make homemade hot chocolate:

Homemade Hot ChocolateThe first requirement when one wants to find out how to make homemade hot chocolate will be to assemble the necessary ingredients and utensils that will be used during the preparation. These will include the chocolate milk or water the flavors of your choice cream some salt if necessary and liqueur which is also an optional ingredient.

You will need a serrated knife for chopping the chocolate a stove and a secure pot. A wire whisk and a chopping board also help to obtain the required results. These utensils should be cleaned thoroughly as if they contain other food with strong smells like the onions they can affect the final flavor.

You start by chopping the chocolate into small pieces. The quality of the chocolate is instrumental in determining the taste. The amount that you utilize will depend on how strong you want the beverage to be. Normally twenty five grams will be enough for one cup but you can always use more if you want it stronger.

The stove should then be tuned to emit a medium setting of fire where you put the pot and pour the milk or water. The chopped pieces of chocolate are then added gently to avoid splashing. The cream can follow but should be stirred continuously. The flavors then are added while still stirring the cream.

Those wishing to add some liqueur can then add it at this stage. It is important to allow the alcohol some time to dissolve to reduce its strong taste. The purpose of using the wire whisk is to facilitate the not melted chocolate to dissolve completely. It is advisable not to use a lid as this will cause the boiling milk to overwhelm the pot. The stove should also be maintained at medium level as chocolate and milk burn very quickly.

To attain a greater taste it is worth trying to mix chocolate of different type and sources. You can use both the milk type and dark together and see if it appeals to you more. The use of various herbs or spices like ginger, thyme and cinnamon can enrich the flavor. The process of how to make homemade hot chocolate is simple and gives us the opportunity to enjoy different flavors at any time we want.